Angie MacGowan

"When I was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis / painful bladder syndrome, I was told by a urogynecologist that it was a chronic, incurable illness. I was totally devastated and dreaded the future ahead.

Having been supported by prescription drugs, a whole host of herbal remedies and supportive books etc., the illness still was unbearable for me.
In one of my books on interstitial cystitis, acupuncture was highly recommended, and that's when I found Elaine. She truly was heaven sent.
The recovery was not a quick fix, by any means. However, right from the first acupuncture session, I felt something was working. I started to get more and more relief and was able to slowly reduce the awful prescription drugs. Two steps forward, one step backward. I am now off the prescription drugs altogether and feel back to normal, with only a very occasional small flareup.

The acupuncture sessions were the highlights of the week for me. Not only did I experience relief from the bladder problems, but I also was able to deeply relax during the sessions and afterward.

I cannot express in words how grateful I am to Elaine. To me, she is a true healer."

Hi Elaine its Liza. Im just quickly texting to say that you really are amazing . Ive woke up this morning and the pins and needles in my knee have not appeared this morning! My arm and hand feel alot better too. Cant thank you enough. Look forward to seeing you in April. Regards Liza x from my iPhone
Add testimonial text hereHi Elaine, it's Dougal. Just wanted to let you know that I passed my driving test. Thank you so much for the session that gave the boost to my confidence and helped me deal with the stress. I can't overstate how much of a difference it made with my lessons and on the day. Thank you! ...
Loretta : Cathcart

2) facial enhancement acupuncture
" I cannot recommend Elaine highly enough. Elaine was recommended to me by my daughter and I attended for sinus issues. Conversation is easy with Elaine and I mentioned my claustrophobia. Elaine suggested a short Psych-k session.. really just tacked onto my sinus acupuncture treatment. I cant believe the difference it has made .... from struggling to be in a room with lights off and blinds drawn I am now able to do so... and that success has been maintained. And... sinus problem was solved too! Thank you Elaine!"
"Being of a certain age I was looking for something non invasive that would make me look better! I read about facial enhancement Acupuncture on Elaine's website and was drawn to try it. I had 10 sessions which I now follow up with a session once a month. And its worked for me - I can definitely see a difference in the frown line I wanted to soften...and absolutely see a plumping up of my skin as the collagen renews. But I'm not the only one who has seen a difference...and that's good! I would recommend Elaine without hesitation as well. She has all the interpersonal skills so important in her role ...and adding those to her obvious clinical skills makes for a superb experience
Karen Macpherson
"I wanted to thank you again for the dramatic results I've experienced, both with the neuralgia and my emotions, quite wonderful! ️ I intend to come back for more Psych-K in the future!
I came to see Elaine for acupuncture for a sudden case of neuralgia. I developed pain on the left side of my head going into my ear and down my neck. The pains were sharp and quite severe requiring me to take painkillers every four hours which I hate to do! I researched natural remedies for neuralgia on line and decided acupuncture was the way to go.
I found Elaine's site and was impressed by the many testimonials from former clients.
Elaine instantly made me feel comfortable and relaxed and was so easy to talk to and I ended up opening up to her about other, more emotional, issues I was going through. She explained that she also used Psych-K as a tool for helping change negative, disempowering beliefs. I was very open to try this. The issue I was having was very long standing and I'd been to various other therapists with very little resolution. I can honestly say that I am stunned by the change this little 10 minute session has made to my wellbeing! It has completely changed the way I feel about this situation. I will be having more sessions in the future.
I had a very relaxing session of acupuncture next, I felt no pain or discomfort at all, in fact, I could have nodded off! That evening I noticed a reduction in the pain. I realised 2 days later when I was telling a friend I'd had acupuncture, that the pain had completely gone! I hadn't taken any painkillers since the morning before my session with Elaine! It's been several weeks and the pain hasn't returned. I'm delighted.
Thank you so much Elaine "
Wendy : Castlemilk
I came to see Elaine as I had been diagnosed with Trigeminal Nerve damage and was in horrendous pain. All my doctor offered was tablets which I was not keen to take due to adverse side effects. I started acupuncture but Elaine felt there was something holding my healing back. I have now had 2 sessions of Psych-K. Elaine has changed me as a person. I am more upbeat and positive about things even my pain.

Elaine is my weekly "shot of happiness". I have never met such a positive, happy person in my life, who will do everything in her power to make you well again. This wonderful lady was a godsend to me.
Rosi : Kilmacolm
Having suffered from a nickel allergy since my early twenties, I was troubled by the most insignificant things, belt buckles, Jean studs and any kind of jewellery with nickel content.

I was convinced I'd never be free of it and as trivial as it may sound the red itchy rash and resulting sores can leave you feeling pretty miserable.
Elaine mentioned we should try some PSYCH-K and see what happens.

After a single very brief session, I am delighted to report that I'm wearing a favourite watch I've had in my drawer for nearly 20 years. This amazing result is absolutely down to that 1 session of PSYCH-K. I am amazed at how quickly it worked.

If you've been advised, are interested in, or on the verge of considering some PSYCH-K I would absolutely recommend trying it. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Thank you Elaine for your wisdom, compassion and healing hands you have improved several issues in my life and not just with regards to my nickel allergy.

Nuala : Giffnock

Dear Elaine, I just want to thank you for all the help that you have given to me recently whilst I have been affected by menopausal difficulties such as hot flushes and insomnia. I noticed the benefits of acupuncture immediately when I experienced an amazing increase in energy the day after the first session.

After only one more session the hot flushes and insomnia were under control and I can now report that after the last session (our fourth) I am sleeping well and I am no longer experiencing hot flushes.

I also want to thank you for the time you spent talking to me before the sessions as it was during this time that I happened to mention that my arm was also causing me some concern. I am glad to say that you have also helped with this ailment and I am able to move my arm much more freely now. I can't believe the difference in me.

I was really at the end of my tether before I found you and I believe that you have truly been a Godsend. Thank you so very much Nuala.


I just want to say a huge thank you to Elaine. She is a truly a gifted therapist, but more than that Elaine has been such a strong emotional support for me. The past 11 months have been really tough and she helped me to stay calm and become more positive as the months went on.

I dreamt about one day being able to thank her for her part in helping us to achieve our dream. We are now into the 2nd trimester and still have a long way to go but we are grateful for each day we get closer to our hopeful arrival !!


I first visited Elaine after two years of unexplained infertility which followed two early miscarriages. We were on the waiting list for IVF and I was interested in acupuncture as a means of supporting that process.

During my first appointment, Elaine & I spent a long time discussing my experience and planning a course of weekly treatments. Looking back, I realise that before beginning acupuncture I was very stressed and "down" because of the experience of the previous years.

After my first session I felt a very deep sense of calm and a greater sense of peace than I'd had since my first miscarriage. After a couple of sessions I noticed physical changes too - my cold feet disappeared and my periods seemed different [healthier].

After just 9 sessions of acupuncture I became pregnant naturally and I'm now nearly 30 weeks pregnant! I can still hardly believe it!! Of course there is no proof that acupuncture had anything to do with my becoming pregnant but at the very least the fact I was so much more relaxed [definitely the result of acupuncture] must have helped.

I am very grateful to Elaine and I really value her support during this difficult time. She abounds with enthusiasm for acupuncture and compassion for her clients. She is an incredibly positive person to be around.


Having a western medicine background [GP], I was quite sceptical about Acupuncture. However my fertility consultant suggested that I try Acupuncture to help me with IVF. Anyway, one of my peers suggested that I chat to Elaine.

I had been trying for a baby for 18 months. Elaine suggested 3 months of Acupuncture prior to IVF. Well.......I have just had my seven week scan and all is well. I had a very definite heartbeat. Seeing it and hearing it was the most fantastic thing I have ever experienced!!!!

I know that I would never have managed to get to this point without Elaine's help. The acupuncture [and the counselling!! :) ] made a huge difference to my physical and mental wellbeing as well as making me think positively about the IVF. I'm still pinching myself, I have nausea and I'm exhausted, which are great and a constant reminder that it is real. I must be the only woman to be delighted to feel like this!!


I am a 29 year old male and over the past couple of years I have suffered from severe muscle pain and discomfort down the left side of my back and chest area. After getting passed from pillar to post within the NHS and trying several other private practices (chiropractor, physiotherapist) I opted to try acupuncture and contacted Elaine Collins after reading her website.

I have been treated by Elaine over the past 4-5 months through acupuncture and deep muscle massage (she is incredibly tough for a small lass!!) and the results have been amazing. It did take time for the muscle discomfort to gradually reduce, as Elaine had explained it would, and at present I have practically no discomfort whatsoever.

I continue to see Elaine and receive treatment on a regular basis as I firmly believe that the practice of acupuncture is of huge benefit to the inner strength of the body.


I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 18 months ago. As part of a holistic approach to this condition acupuncture has been an essential tool for me. It has played a major part in my battle against fatigue, boosting my energy levels and supporting my emotional strength. It has helped to make me feel stronger about my body and mind as well as calmer and much more able. The therapist Elaine is amazing.


Recently I asked Elaine to do some Psych-K treatment on me to help with a problem I have suffered with for over ten years. The problem being that because I suffer from IBS symptoms I constantly worried that no matter where I was going when leaving the house I would need to visit a toilet urgently. This problem affected my state of mind going into any event in life whether it be the car journey to work, social events, popping to the local shops – everything. Sometimes I would be fine but other times I would reach full blown panic attack stage if, for example, I hit traffic and this would bring on the need to visit a loo – so I was basically stuck in a vicious circle.

Having tried other treatments over the years which worked to a degree but never enough I was nervous to try Psych-K as, having used it previously for IVF with great results, I worried that if this didn’t work for my IBS nothing would and I’d be stuck feeling abnormal for the rest of my life.

Safe to say I needn’t have worried. Two sessions!! Two sessions is all it took. To say my anxious behaviour has had a complete turn-around is an understatement. Since treatment I have gone to a concert, been stuck in a traffic jam with a colleague in the car, taken the train to a work conference and sat in the conference all day, taken part in a team event and eaten out. All of which I have done without my usual OCD behaviours of visiting the toilet a million times whenever I can “just in case”, feeling no anxiety, no thoughts of perpetually planning ahead to where the next toilet may be and generally just feeling confident in my body that it will work the way it should and should I need to visit the loo when I’m out I don’t need to panic about it.

This may not sound like much but these thoughts plagued my mind practically every minute of every day. If my husband suggested a nice meal out, rather than feeling grateful my first thought would be that it would need to be close to home in case I need to get home to the loo quickly. Now I’m often the one suggesting things and I feel no anxiety.

I will be forever grateful for Elaine coming into my life and helping me feel normal again.


After three years of trying for a baby, many tests and several failed attempts of IUI and IVF my husband suggested I try acupuncture. He had read about how it could help infertility and although I was sceptical I was willing to try anything.

I met Elaine and instantly bonded with her. I really got the feeling that our goal was her goal. After only a few weeks of treatment I discovered I was pregnant.

I continued to see Elaine until I was 12 weeks pregnant. Her encouragement, support and treatments really helped me get thorough that emotional and terrifying first trimester.

I can't thank Elaine enough for how she helped me and my husband achieve our dream and would and have recommended acupuncture to anyone experiencing infertility.

Bryan and his Mum


My son Bryan is 9 years old and has suffered urinary incontinence at night. I have tried a variety of therapies and medication to try and help with this. My colleague suggested elaine and PSYCH-K. I called her and took Bryan along to meet her. 2 sessions and Bryan has been “dry” for 4 months. Thank you for helping Bryan.


I like Elaine her small dog and the fun we had. She did some fun stuff with my arm and we played about and talked about wetting my bed. I always wet my bed. Mum and dad are cool with it but I can’t have sleep overs in case I wet someone’s bed. Elaine and her funny stuff and games helped me and I don’t anymore.


My partner and I went to see Elaine after 3 years of trying for a baby and 4 failed IUI treatments, feeling pretty despondent and exhausted about the whole idea of getting pregnant. After about 3 sessions of acupuncture I was feeling notably better, its hard to explain but I felt happier, more content with my life, and was sleeping really well - my friends all noticed the difference in how I looked and how much more relaxed and balanced I seemed.

I really looked forward to my acupuncture sessions with Elaine, partly for the benefits of the acupuncture but also because she has got such a down to earth, emotionally containing style that helps you feel more in control of all the difficult feelings that accompany fertility problems. Anyway, less than 3 months later I fell pregnant and am now well into my second trimester - I feel so positive about acupuncture either as a way of getting your body back in balance or using it as an adjunct to positively managing fertility treatment - I would thoroughly recommend going to Elaine, it is the best money I have ever spent and I feel so lucky I found her.


I started acupuncture with Elaine at the recommended 3 months before IVF treatment. I wanted to do everything I possibly could to try for a successful outcome. I had heard acupuncture had been proven to be effective, especially with fertility issues. The treatments not only helped me to relax during a stressful time but Elaine offered me a great deal of well-researched lifestyle advice which I personally felt helped to cultivate a positive outlook and attitude.

Elaine's knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment all contribute to her being a fantastic acupuncture therapist and feel I owe so much to her. I have no doubt at all that Elaine's work was instrumental in helping me achieve the positive result I had longed for. My husband and I are now over the moon to now be able to tell people that I am expecting twins!


This is just a quick note to thank you for all of your help over the last 10 months. I went along for my 10 week scan last week and everything is looking positive, there is a little baby kicking away. You have been such a help and support over the last while & you have seen me through many a bad/dark time, you have been more of a friend than therapist and you allowed me to be open & honest about how I was feeling no matter what that entailed & for that I will be forever grateful. I am getting more positive as the days go on that this time will be a success for me, and when I'm feeling a little down I put into practise the "tequniques" that you taught me. I just want to give you a huge Thank You for all your help [and magic needles] and your support.


I went to see Elaine after a friend recommended acupuncture to me for fertility and period problems. I'd had very bad periods since my teenage years and had been diagnosed with endometriosis and subsequently had difficulty conceiving. My husband and I had had 2 failed IVF treatments and were about to embark on a third when I went to see Elaine. After my first session I became pregnant! Though we miscarried after a few weeks, I continued to see Elaine who helped not only to get my body back into balance but I felt kept me emotionally positive. I carried on seeing Elaine for a year and my periods become noticeably better and almost a year to the day I became pregnant again and I am now about to give birth in three weeks. I feel that acupuncture kept me relaxed and helped me with stress. I also feel that Elaine's positive and caring attitude helped me a lot, she also gives a mean massage when stressed!


I began acupuncture treatments with Elaine after attending hospital to begin the long arduous task of IVF. With appointments months apart I decided it was time to try an alternative therapy. Having suffered from painful endometriosis and infertility for over a decade within the first month of treatment I noticed a massive reduction in pain which kept on improving adding to my quality of life. That alone helped me relax more and cope with monthly disappointment. After about 11 months I miraculously fell pregnant WITHOUT any IVF treatment, I am due my baby in 5 weeks and all is well. I believe Elaine and her skill as an acupuncturist was paramount to my success in achieving pregnancy. I only wish I had started treatments sooner. I cannot recommend Elaine and her talent highly enough; she has made me a very contented happy mum to be!!


I will never cease to be amazed by PSYCH-K. My 6 year old daughter is desperately shy. Her twin brother is the polar opposite. In class she refused to answer questions [incase the answer was wrong] , she would mumble when the teacher asked her a question and she hated to stand out or have attention put on her. The school were having an assembly in March and all the children had “lines to say” and a part to play in it. When my daughter was informed about the assembly at the start of the school year in August, she was adamant that she was NOT going to take part in either learning her lines or indeed join in the assembly. As a mother I was worried and found it extremely distressing watching my daughter’s shyness causing her clam up, cry and have stage fright in the six months leading up to the assembly. I had heard about Elaine and decided have a chat about the issues.

I immediately relaxed and felt more positive having chatted with her. She suggested that rather than bring my daughter for PSYCH-K sessions she could do it remotely. I was skeptical, how can she help a person when they aren’t in the same room?

I gave her an outline of how I think my daughter was feeling in class and at school. For-instance, she thought her brother was brighter and more intelligent, she will never get the right answer when asked along with wanting to remain invisible and hating the thought of assembly.

In the first “remote” session Elaine did work around the class and followed it up 3 days later with the feelings she had around the school assembly.

Within a week of the sessions my daughter was answering questions in class, speaking up loudly and clearly and even her class chums commented on her change. She was also playing at learning her lines and having fun with them. However, what really amazed me was ....on the Monday prior to the assembly she said “mummy I feel really sick to my tummy” I thought oh dear here we go ....she is unhappy and doesn’t want to do it. Anyway, I asked her why she was feeling sick “ Mummy, I feel sick as I have happy butterflies in my tummy and cant wait, I wish my assembly is today”

As a mother seeing the change in my daughter was heart warming and a relief. On the day of the assembly she “shone” she was confident, smiling, relaxed and I fear we have created a wee diva as she loved being the centre of attention.

Thank you Elaine with all my heart.


I think everyone would benefit from a little Psych-K in their life. Everyone has a little something that niggles at them for no rational reason which I believe Psych-K would help with. Personally, I have used Psych-K to overcome worry, anxiety and fears in relation to infertility issues. After a miscarriage and 2 unsuccessful rounds of IVF I was struggling to keep perspective and keep my anxieties at bay going into round 3 of IVF. For me Psych-K treatment is like having a weight lifted from my shoulder, removing irrational fears and negative thoughts and allowing me to focus on my hopes and dreams with a clear head and NO FEAR!! Since having Psych-K, attending hospital appointments has been much less nerve wracking, my sleeping has been better and when I do feel the worry and anxiety creeping in I am able to use the tools Elaine has given me when I'm on my own to talk myself down before I spiral into panic mode. So I would ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND Psych-k!!!! But I would also HIGHLY RECOMMEND Elaine, whose positivity is infectious and who has a wonderful way of translating worries or fears into statements that can be used in treatment.


I first went to see Elaine because I have been diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome and I and my husband were trying for a baby for almost 2 years. After my first acupuncture and big chat with Elaine I felt amazing, she explained so many things I didn’t know about fertility and women body but also she gave me strength and positive outlook at my situation. My second appointment was Psych-K and I believe that’s the day when my life has started to change dramatically. We work on forgiveness of letting the past go and I can only say that after the first session I felt 100pounds lighter all the resentment was gone and for the first time in my life I was able to forgive myself. Other time we worked on body image and confidence and after couple of weeks I have lost weight without doing anything different. We also worked on my inner child and I experienced sadness in every molecule of my body, I burst in tears but after I was so relived and now I look at myself as a child absolutely different way. Psych-K changed and is changing my life. Thanks to Elaine I feel content, happy and my life is going the right direction. I have my life back and my mind is no longer occupied 24/7 about not having a baby. I know that baby will arrive in the right time, but I know I was supposed to meet Elaine for the main reason, to sort my life first. I trust Elaine completely. I cannot thank her enough for her warm, welcome and professional approach, she is one of the best therapist I have ever experienced. Thank you Elaine for being such a beautiful human angel!!!